Morgan Pfau is 16 years old and already attending college. She is a boxer on Bay City's American Athletic Association boxing team. In a male-dominated sport, Pfau is definitely a fighter.

Jeff and Suzy Shepherd drove up to Bay City from Tennessee to take part in the 28th annual River Roar, a series of powerboat races on the always-unpredictable Saginaw River.
They arrived Thursday, June 25, parking their trailer in the lot at Veterans Memorial Park on Bay City's West Side. Inside the trailer was their red, white and blue Formula 1 powerboat sporting the No. 38.
Bay City Times photographer Yfat "Yffy" Yossifor followed the Shepherds to capture life both on, and off, the water during the weekend event.

As part of a year-long project to honor Bay County’s living World War II veterans, The Bay City Times on Sept. 30, 2014, hosted an open house attended by more than 70 living veterans and their families.
During the event, Yfat Yossifor coordinated a project to capture the stories of these veterans for a video to be released on Veterans Day. The result is a video titled “Never Forget.” It published on Nov. 11 in honor of Veterans Day.
The 8-minute long video features Bay County World War II veterans telling stories about family, love and valor. One veteran witnessed the atomic bombing over Nagasaki. Another remembers cleaning blood off the streets at Pearl Harbor.
It ends with a veteran reciting a letter sent to troops by Gen. Patton on Christmas Eve, 1944.